Not sure how to make your remote intentions clear on your resume? Just like you would go to the mechanic how to indicate remote work on resume when your engine breaks down, an expert resume writer is here to help you with your resume needs.

Even if your company has a tech department, if your screen suddenly goes blank, it’s up to you to fix the problem quickly so you can get back to work. Without superior communication skills, you may find yourself correcting the record or apologizing for frustrations your miscommunication caused. Try to incorporate your remote work setup in your resume to truly demonstrate your dedication. Apart from digital skills, working from home needs valuable soft skills such as self-motivation, discipline, adaptability, flexibility, and much more.

Don’t Leave Out Examples

We’ll show you exactly how to tailor your application so you can land the remote job you’ve been eyeing in just five simple steps. Make your resume interactive by linking to your projects, digital portfolio, website, and more.

Remote work skills are a set of tangible and intangible skills that are essential in a remote work environment. Make sure the description of past roles matches the requirements of the remote position you are applying for.

Mention the soft skills you polished or gained from working remotely

Whether you’re looking for fully remote positions or navigating a return to the office, here’s how to demonstrate the key skills employers are looking for. Not every employer hiring for a remote job will require that candidates have remote work experience. But, having previous experience can signal to an employer that you are self-motivated and able to work on your own.

how to indicate remote work on resume

So if you have proficiency in working with remote tools, it’s smart to highlight the specific ones you’ve used to show you don’t need much training. You may not need to completely rewrite your existing resume but you’ll probably need to make a few adjustments to highlight the skills you uncovered in the first step. These seemingly arbitrary measures are there for a reason; it’s an easy way for employers to find out which candidates will pay attention and follow instructions as an employee. Rather than wasting your time and your interviewer’s, slow down and completely read each and every job description.

– Add It to the Location Section

Employers expect to see what remote software you have proficiency in, such as Dropbox, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Trello, etc. Here are some tips on how to list remote work on a resume and demonstrate your previous work experience. After producing your cloud look for words that are actionable and words that obviously apply to the position, such as required licenses, etc. Remember with a word cloud the bigger the word the more important. You can also stay away articles and words like the company name.


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